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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

The Ox warehouse season 2008

The Ox warehouse season 2008

Ox Warehouse launched its first Theatre Season last year. Taking ‘memories’ as the main theme, a series of theatre performances, workshops and exhibitions were produced.Ox Warehouse Theatre Season 2008 will continue the promotion of “the enhancement of spatial features (of Ox Warehouse), intermix of artistic boundaries, and interaction with the themes of in-house exhibitions”. By inviting local and resident artists from overseas, we will present several performances and workshops tailor-made for the Ox Warehouse venue.
Program I
Playback Theatre
Theme of the Performance: Ten years
Ten years in a gaze: you have a lot to say and we interpret it for you right away!
Date: 14th December (Sunday)
Time: 3:00p.m.
Performers: Michele, Mu Cheng, Yu Hon Kit, Horse, Ka Pou, Andy, JT
Playback Theatre is a kind of improvisational theatre that interacts directly with the audience. After an audience member tells a true personal story or describes a feeling, performers will at once represent it on stage through voice, movements and acting. Playback Theaters now exist in 31 countries around the world. The concept has been well received by many social service workers and educators and is widely used in the fields of education, psychotherapy and counseling.
Forum: How Playback Theatre deals with social issues
Speaker: Michele, JT
Date: 14th December (Sunday)
Time: 4:00p.m.
Presented by: Hong Kong People’s Stories Theatre + Good Friends
Founded in 2008, the People’s Stories Theatre acts out people’s personal stories in a dramatic way. Its aims are: to hail every individual’s value within the community, promote social harmony, establish the importance of oral history and foster a better understanding of ourselves and our communities while sharing personal stories. The Theatre deeply believes that the performance becomes a gift, both for those who share it and the society at large. In the process of sharing a story, difference can establish a dialogue; the teller can relive his or her own experience; the listeners can witness other people’s maturing and their endeavors within the community whereby all involved can obtain beautiful memories.
As an exchange activity, The New York Playback Theatre Institute’s graduates have been invited to take part in this performance.
Free Tickets for Playback Theatre and Forum.
Program III:
Ox Theatre 2008 Highlight
10-year Return Period
It is a theatrical piece in which a person returns to a play staged ten years before.
According to statistics theory, “Return Period” (also called recurrence interval) means the average time until the reoccurrence of a defined event. A “10-year Return Period” event takes 10 years to come back.
In 1998, despite some obstacles, a play was finally presented. It depicted how Macao people figure Macao and it was composed only of historic fragments.
Ten years later, in 2008, a play is restaged. It depicts why Macao people have to reenact it; it is an old play that cannot reconstruct the past yet it is being remade on a new stage.
Can she fully tell her story in this performance?
Date:17th and 18th January 2009
Location:Ox Warehouse
Ticket Price:Mop$30 (50% Discount for Students and Friends of Ox Warehouse) (Seats are not assigned)
Tickets:Ox warehouse(28530026)、Pinto Livros (28 330909)、Poor Space(28351572)
Author/Performer: Leong Kin Teng*
Producer: Winter Cheang
*Acknowledgement: Macao Conservatory (for permitting the artist’s participation in this performance)
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