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Sunday, March 19, 2006

My Absence - Group Creative Exhibition

My Absence
Group Creative Exhibition

Opening Date : 26/3/2006 15:00
Exhibition Date: 26/3 ~ 30/4/2006
Location: OX Warehouse
Organizer: Old Ladies’ House Art Space
Sponsor: IACMFor request: 530026(12:00~19:00)

With the presence of “self”, “I” think, “I” ponder and therefore “I” exist. Modern people have become more and more obsessed with the conception of “self”, centering self feelings and benefits, thus they care less and less about others, which results from the characteristic of exclusiveness of “self”. It is virtually a golden opportunity to have Hong Kong artist Huang Renkui together with fifteen Macao artists from different media circles to create and perform in “My Absence-Group Creative Exhibition”. What will the world look like with self absence? We are looking forward to it.


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