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Monday, April 27, 2009

“Ox Re-exhibition in the Year of the Ox – Our Memories and Wishes”

“Ox Re-exhibition in the Year of the Ox – Our Memories and Wishes”
Special Creative Exhibition
Opening :
4:30pm, 1 February 2009

Exhibition Period :
1 February to 22 March 2009

You may still remember the special exhibition “Ox Exhibition in the Year of the Goat” during the Chinese New Year of 2003, through which the Ox Warehouse – once an abandoned warehouse unfamiliar to residents - was injected with fresh “art” vitality, exuberant with a unique creativity and viral artistry. The Ox Warehouse has since become a new art arena, gathering artists of different creative media to express ideas and insights. Year after year it has undergone metamorphoses, and up to now it still seeks further developments and challenges, always trying new fashions.
The approaching Chinese New Year of 2009 is a good occasion to get together and thus Ox Warehouse is inviting all the 2003 Ox Exhibition participating artists, as well as new creative people, to fill in different colors at this special occasion and join this re-exhibition, looking at creation in a more free and relaxing way.
As Ox Warehouse is celebrating its 6th anniversary, whether to retrospect or to look forward, we only aim to retain the peculiar artistic atmosphere through diverse display methods.
Our small city is ever-changing and we feel both familiar and estranged to it. Nevertheless we must continue to break free of the routine shackles in order to breathe the reviving vigor. Perhaps, through the interesting and crafted creations and different reflections from you, we can add more fun to life in this ever bustling and complex city. This might be the New Year wish of us all.

Participated Artist:
Chan Sau In / U Sio Seong / Cheong Chi Kim / Wong Ka Long / Ung Tsz Hin / Pakeong Sequeire / Fernando Madeira / Hong Cheng Man / Vai Keng Sou / Lei Ieng Wai / Gigi Lee / Wu Chong Wai / Ng Fong Chao / Jane Lei / Fong Wei Peng / Si Meng Kuan / Chan Un Man / Tong Chong / Lai Ka Man / Chan Pui Leng / Yuyo Pan / Wong Iek / Chenong Cheng Wa

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