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Sunday, September 10, 2006

New Art People Project 2006

----- Photo & Video Installation Exhibition

opening time:2006/09/16 15:00
Exhibition Period: 2006/09/16 ~ 2006/10 /15
Location: 牛房倉庫 / Ox warehouse
organizer: 婆仔屋藝術空間 / Old Ladies’ Art Space

Artist:梁惠萍 / : Dilys Leong

Work Synopsis::
Concept Synopsis: Each individual is born with unique palm prints, and in all common means of culture, denotes similar significance: irregular lines holds the key to each individual¡¦s indistinct destiny, process of life experience, and stories.
It is also an individual¡¦s guiding map, an abstract mark and also the space involved. Work Content: A collection of over 100 palm prints from 14 individuals of different nationalities, ageand gender, through micro-photo taking methods; imitating landform (landscapes) to remould as thebasic foundation to unfold abstract life paths. Thee Work is divided into 2 sections :
1. Video animation short film: Handscapes Space Variation;
2. Photo : enlarged palm prints presenting artificial abstract landforms which echos with the video recording

Dilys Leong

born in Macao, free artist, work with different disciplines such as painting, photographs, mix media and multi-media.
2001-2003 Master Of Fine Art(MFA) in Dutch Art Institute—Postgraduate interdisciplinary research Visual arts and Media,(The Netherlands)
1998-2001 Bachelor of Fine art (BA) in Utrecht school of the Arts— ( Hogeschool voor de Kunsten Utrecht, the Netherlands). Erasmus exchange student of University of Barcelona (Universitat de Barcelona –Bella de Arte) Spain.
The art works had been exhibited in the Netherlands, Spain and Macau.
Her works : City Cages ---(2005 Macau Annual art exhibition)
Voice of the places (2006 Macao Horizons Contemporary Art Exhibition) had been exhibited in Macao


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