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Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Stop by: Photography Exhibition

到此一遊 ------ 何志明、吳世傑攝影雙人展
Stop by
Ho Chi Meng & Ng Sai Kit Photography Exhibition

展期 / Exhibition Period : 28/10 – 03/12/2006
地點 / Location : 牛房倉庫 / Ox warehouse
主辦 / Organization : 婆仔屋藝術空間 /Old Ladies’ House Art Space
贊助 / Sponsor : 民政總署 / IACM

Ho Chi Meng
1994 Mencao Honrosa – O Colegio Universitario de S. Paulo Tradicao e Inspiracao – Concurso de Fotografia

2004 Macau Contemporary Photography Exhibition organized by Old Ladies’ House Art Space
2001 Exhibition of Pinhole Vision Photography Art in Temporary Exhibition Gallery of Provisional Municipal Council of Macau
2000 Exhibition of “Cada um Com O Seu” in Unesco Centre of Macau
1998 IX Festival de Artes de Macau – Group Show of Photography
1994 Exhibition of O Colegio Universitario de S.Paulo Tradicao e Inspiracao organized by the Instituto Portugues do Oriente.
1994 Photography Exhibition organized by the Academic de Artes Vsuais in Macau
1993 5th Experimental Photography exhibition in Leal Senado Macau
1991 Group Show at the Cultural Center gallery of the University of Macau

Ng Sai Kit
Born in Hong KongBegan to take photos at '80sFormed photographic workshop with friends in 1984Studied photography in Derby, GB in '89Returned back to HK in '90Participated in editiorial the journals published by The Workshop during the '90s

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Journey Tidbit

I had just laid down my luggage after a European coastal city travel. While diligently sorting out my phantom thoughts and memory, I caught sight of two extraordinary stop-over-and-shoot photographs – magically, all the places I’ve been to appear before me once again. I was so excited that I instantly wanted to carry my backpack and tripod to visit these lively and breathtaking landscapes by myself – to appreciate how the photographers’ distinctive expressions are shown through these black and white photographs. This means so much more to me than just series and series of impeccable JiuZhaiGou photography.

I have always love photography and think that a journey will differ if one sets out with a ‘photographic eye’. Just like Ng Sai Kit’s ‘photographic eye’, whose shutter clicks would let people ponder about the effects of herd-instinct photo shooting behavior on photography. The fact that he simply takes photos of authentic stop-over travelers is much more intriguing – what is the significance of ‘traveling’ today? Is it already a different story if ancient scholars and calligraphers who travel high and low to enjoy the sights of mountains and rivers are paste back to the present days? How would civilians feel if they stroll along the shrunken SuZhou scenery? It seems, however, the satisfaction of camera indicates a certain level of cultural pride, where photography or photo shooting has become very important in modern civilians’ daily lives and inseparable cultural bonds.

Another photographer Ho Chi Meng alternatively sought for scenery that had moved him and us – commonly viewed by the public as ordinary scenery has been transformed through his observation; it seems they’ve got something to say. These intrinsic traveling photographs are worthwhile of subtle appreciation, which also carries us back into our own traveling experience.

It also makes me recall of the French semiotics master, Roland Barthe. In his addicting photography agenda “La chamber Claire”, he has once described the photographic scenery that he adored: landscapes that locks his heart to their grounds in which he could exquisitely appreciate; while sightseeing sceneries is just not enough to satisfy his desires.

Sceneries that impulses us to settle down should allow us to chase after our dreams, allowing us to unfold ourselves throughout the free space. It is similar to the thoughts that emerge while appreciating Ho Chi Meng’s traveling photography: Has the silent teenager with his head down in the middle of the lake side been moved by the rippling water? What are the horses’ perception through the levels and levels of metal rods (YuNan)? What is the half-face hidden teenager by the lake side laughing at (Taiwan)? The undersigned coincidence of the vehicle parked near Sai Kung Avenue and the slogan on the wall (Vietnam); Are those bulls at the Portuguese villages for fighting? That photo taken from Tibet naturally recalls a renowned work of H. Cartier-Bresson!

This time, Ox Ware House is honored to have invited two Hong Kong and local photographers to stretch their creativity and experience in Macau. Let’s hope that Macau’s independent creative attitude continue to flourish, leaving traces of profound influences for the vast future. We hope this day can approach us really soon.

Frank Lei


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