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Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Myth of Place– An Exchange Exhibition between Britain and Macao

“Myth of Place” 「地方的神話」

– An Exchange Exhibition between Britain and Macao

‘Myths of Place’ explores the association between the myths and the realities of people, places and beliefs. In modern usage, “myth” means a falsehood — a story which many believe but which is not true. Myths continue to be created and to penetrate every layer of our society: the economy, politics, humour, mass media, religion, digital virtual world, even our dreams and memories. Myths are forms of symbolic expression, a mirror of culture and social structure, a medium for structure, a projection of the subconscious and a source of cognitive categories.

‘Myths of Place’ will explore the never-ending connection between reality and what is added.

The exhibition will be co-curated between Biance Lei (Macao) and Jonathan Chalmers (London)

Opening Time:17/02/07 15:30
Date:17/02/07 ─ 08/04/07

地點 / Location:牛房倉庫 / Ox warehouse
贊助 / Sponsor:民政總署 / ICAM
主辦 / Organizer:婆仔屋藝術空間 / Old Ladies House Art Space


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