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Monday, April 27, 2009

Spontaneous Creativity – Interactive Drawing Exhibition by Two Young Creative

Spontaneous Creativity
– Interactive Drawing Exhibition by Two Young Creative Artists
Opening :
(Saturday) 4:00pm, 21 February 2009
Exhibition Period :
21 February to 29 March 2009
Ordinary people may think creative drawing is an easy and carefree task, and a kind of expression form that requires little effort. Is that true?
We have invited two local artists Hong (Fan Sai Hong) and Ivy (Ivy Leong) to present this exhibition and share with us their experimental creative fruits collected over some time. We hope it will offer visitors an opportunity to realise how this type of drawing, created with very simple media, can also be very eye-catching and expressive.
They are two different alternative artists: Hong would rather be free and have his own way, indulging in creation irrespective of others’ reaction. Ivy is a different type of artist who does not want to follow tradition and rather prefers to discover her own ways of expression. This kind of persistent and even stubborn creative pursuit is exactly what local artists need most. We hope to see more self-daring artists and sincerely expect that the exhibition Spontaneous Creativity might really help to sow creativity in the sky of Macau, wishing it to flourish.

Participated Artist:
Fan Sai Hong
Ivy Leong

Frank Lei

Old Ladies’ House Art Space


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