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Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Foreword:Suspended City Vision

Suspended City Vision

Under the Lighthouse Multimedia Exhibition


A Shanghai reporter once asked me, “Why are there so many vacant beautiful housing in Macau, yet new tall buildings are unceasingly constructed?” She did not understand why a city entitled to the “World Heritage” would leave such houses unattended; is it because they do not have the ‘identity’ or ‘share’ to attract the worldly gaze?

It seems the true content of “Cultural Heritage” is not taking into effect of rejuvenating these ancient housing’s cultures and traditions; let alone sufficient conservation.

I have been experiencing the rapid transformation of Macau’s busiest city center, the Leal Senado Square, for the past years – new branded shops rent out all original antique shops. Cafes that the neighborhood used to hang out gradually fades away, giving way for the march in of branded shops and food chain stores. Old renters are forced to fit in at other subsidiary regions, or simply, shutting down. The city, which could be delicately appreciated through these old shops, has been renovated into a monotonous city blinded with worldwide brands.

Space is the declaration of core authority. The Macau shore symbolizes the arrival of an era of separatist regime, rotating on the axis of economic welfare and authority power under urban developments – breaking away from the ‘civilian’s city’, where citizens are now encircled amongst ‘privatization’ and ‘corporate culture’. Macau’s uniqueness and humanity has been sacrificed for sustainable economic and authority growth. This is the explanation of Guia’s abandonment without mercy, the remnants of a ‘symbolic’ excavation for tourism sightseeing: the visions of oneself segmented by the city’s short sight.

Inspired artists have united to give a shout-out. Under the Guia’s twilight, I reminiscent the many old housing, wearing off slowing in the darkness.

by Jane Lei

Date:14/04 ~ 26/05/2007Location: 2nd Floor, Ox Warehouse

Artists:吳子軒(Ung Tsz Hin)、李綺琪(Gigi Lei)、邱孝勤(Winston)、東望洋(Guia)、黃德恩(Wong Pak Ian)、陳沛而(Chan Pui Yee)、陳秀燕(Chan Sau In)、麥翠儀(Mak Choi I)、麥達堯(Mark)、關若斐(Kuan Ieok Fei)、Adalberto Julio Dos Santos Tenreiro (雅迪)
Curator: Jane Lei

Organizer:婆仔屋藝術空間 / Old Ladies’ House Art Space

Sponsor: IACM


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