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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

2008Children' s Summer Art Playground 2008--Images. Drawing Fantasy---Children's Creative works Exhibition

2008Children' s Summer Art Playground 2008 Images. Drawing Fantasy---Children's Creative works Exhibition Opening :Saturday30 August 2008 Exhibition Period :30 August to 26 October, 2008
All kinds of incredible imagination can be created on a blank sheet of paper. Little artists express their curiosity on paper through different techniques. The little artists in this exhibition are from 80 different schools, presenting their work after their summer art workshop activities, in which they expressed their most honest “Fantasy” . Curator:Kan Pui Ian Organization: Old Ladies’ House Art Space Sponsor:IACM ICGM Co-organized:DSEJ Venue: Ox WarehouseNo Cruzamento entro a Avenida do Coronel Mesquita e a Avenida Almirante Lacerda Macau Opening time:12:00 ~ 19:00, Closed on Tuesdays Bus Line :1,1A,3,3A,4,5,6,7,8,8A,9,9A,16,17,23,25,26,26A,28C,32,33,34 For enquiry:28530026 (12:00 ~ 19:00, Closed on Tuesdays) Fax:28533047E –mail:mailto:oxwarehosue@gmail.comWebsite:
Mini-Family Theatre
volcano in Ox house Date2008年9月27日 27th September,200814:30,16:30,19:302008年9月28日28th September,200814:30,16:30
A continuation of last year’s “ Storage Room in Ox house”Let’s enter this puppet interacting mini theatre with our parents, this story begins with an angry cow.演出日期/ Date:2008年9月27日 27th September,200814:30,16:30,19:30
2008年9月28日28th September,200811:00,14:30,16:30
Location: 2nd Floor
Tickets:Ox warehouse、Pinto Livros (28 330909)
Ticket Price:Mop$25.00 (Mop$10.00) ($10 each for children ages 12 or below)
Language: Cantonese
Story Outline:
1-2-3, stop! 1-2-3 , finish your meal! 1-2-3 , be good and stop crying!1-2-3, volcano in ox house!every house, classroom has a volcano, that will,dad and teachers, who will be the most upset when angry cow is in bad mood?
Director:Lou Chong Neng
Creative Direction and Performance:Lam Van Va
Production:step out
Children ages between 4-10 and parents are welcome to the show!


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