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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Explore Macau, Sinta o Seu Pulsar__Explore Macau, Feel Its PulseMacau in the Eyes of Artists

Explore Macau, Sinta o Seu Pulsar
Macau Visto por Artistas
Explore Macau, Feel Its PulseMacau in the Eyes of Artists
Opening :
下午3:30 8 of March 2008 (Saturday), 15:30隆 重 開 幕,屆 時 有 表 演 助 慶
Exhibition Period :3月8日~ 5月18日2008年 From 8 of March to 18 of May 2008
Abertura --" Elegia no Caminho "Recitation/Song --" Elegy from a pavement "
文本 / Text : Yankwai Wong Intonation: Priscilla Leung Siu-wai Bamboo Flute : Steve Cheung-Chi Guitar :Yankwai Wong Monologue (Cantonese) : Yankwai Wong( Translation )Su-yin Mak

Today’s Macau is no longer the quiet, cozy city it once was, attracting Hong Kong people for weekends of leisure. Macau residents have probably taken for granted the recent fast development pace of the city. Yet, viewing from a different perspective, Hong Kong artists may have their own thoughts, memories and feelings stimulated in a different way. They tried to observe the city’s changes from various angles in a fresh yet interesting manner, which might appeal to locals. On one hand, using professional cameras, they deliberately recorded the trails along Macau’s transition – objective, detached yet poignant. On the other, the rapid development of Macau has also stimulated rare and treasurable childhood reminiscences – the artists revisited their former homes, to retrieve old memories bit by bit. Then, combining their personal memories with the city’s changes, they created works of art. The creation proceedings would constitute a valuable reference for local emerging artists.This exhibition “Explore Macau, Feel its Pulse” – Macau in the Eyes of Artists, will not only showcase the rich harvest of the creative Macau exploration trip by various artists from both Hong Kong and Macau, but also demonstrate their creation processes and the outcome of the concurrent workshop, with the aim of giving proper guidance to the local new generation of creative artists.


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