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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Time ‧Space‧ Flow ── International Contemporary Art Exhibition Opening Time

Time ‧Space‧ Flow ── International Contemporary Art Exhibition Opening Time:There are too many unknown facts in this age. 16 different notions of “Time”, “Space”,” Flow” of 16 artists from different cities with different background. In the same space, at the same time, they are going to show 16 interpretations of “Time flowing in space”. Participate Artists :( Taiwan);( Taiwan);( Macao);( Taiwan);( Macao); ( Macao);( Taiwan);(Taiwan);( Taiwan);( Taiwan);(Taiwan);( Hong Kong);Fernando António Pires Madeira (Portugal);Predi Sonderegger ( Switzerland);Keiko Iyama ( Japan);Mae Leong ( Canada) Exhibition Period ―― 15/12/2007—10/02/2008 Location:Ox warehouse Organization: Old Ladies’ House Art Space Sponsor: ICAM; Macao Foundation For request: 28530026 (12:00 ~ 19:00, 逢 Closed on Tuesdays)E -mail: mailto:oxwarehosue@yahoo.comWebsite: 2007-12-07


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