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Thursday, February 12, 2009

No eye to see 5 Down in Lin Kai to Dance with Boats

Ox Warehouse Theatre Season 2008
Ox Warehouse launched its first Theatre Season last year. Taking ‘memories’ as the main theme, a series of theatre performances, workshops and exhibitions were produced, including No. 7, 11th Street of Ilha Verde, That Time Flowers Blossom, Vibrating Memories – a Creative Body Movement Workshop, My Happy Travel Blog and The Hundred Ghats Down the Ganges.Ox Warehouse Theatre Season 2008 will continue the promotion of “the enhancement of spatial features (of Ox Warehouse), intermix of artistic boundaries, and interaction with the themes of in-house exhibitions”. By inviting local and resident artists from overseas, we will present several performances and workshops tailor-made for the Ox Warehouse venue.No eye to see 5Down in Lin Kai to Dance with Boats Performance time:July 20 and 21, 2008, at 8:00 pmVenue:Ox Warehouse (located at the corner of Avenida do Coronel Mesquita and Avenida Almirante Lacerda (one block up Red Market, under the flyover).Synopsis:Dr. Sightseeing, aka Curry Bone, will guide you around the Dwarfs’ Kingdom.The Museum of Recycling Relics is a non-governmental organization. If not for Curry Bone’s travelog, tourists couldn’t find it on the map.The museum is located at an ancient village in the Dwarfs’ Kingdom – its name being San Kio (New Bridge).Nobody knows why this old district is called San (New).Nobody knows why this place, without any bridge, is called Kio (Bridge).Nobody knows why this place, with no river, claims to have boats.The Museum of Recycling Relics is situated right in a place called Kai (River); yet there is no river.“Relocate the dead to paradise, stage performance for their relics”.Such is the slogan of the Museum, according to its Director.Creative Direction and Performance:Mok sio chong , Lou chong neng, Mok Ka HouOral History: Winter Cheng, James Chu, Vu ka sioInstallation and props design: Kuok chi kengThe script can be downloaded at: Old Ladies’ House Art SpaceProduction: Step OutSponsor: IACM FUNDAÇÃO HENRY FOKTickets: Mop40 (50% discount for students and Friends of Ox Warehouse).Tickets available at: Ox Warehouse (2853 0026), Pin To Bookshop (2833 0909) and Poor Space (2835 1572).
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