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Thursday, June 18, 2009

This’s Me! – Creative Works by Kit Pond and Kevin Lam
Opening :
3:00pm, 11 April 2009
Exhibition Period :

11 April to 24 May 2009

Teaching made me have contact with students who love art. I got to know them during informal ‘hobby’ courses that I tutored, and all of them do not have any formal art education background. But their commitment is no less than those of formal art majors. And they have been in the process of incessant creation over a long term

Kit Pond impressed me in our first contact with his great painting talent. He likes scrawling on his homework books, using a single ball pen to sketch out eerie images infused with imagination and vigor. Yet the fact is that he has never formally studied painting. In his early childhood, during classes, he liked to draw some small, matchstick-men-like figures. Only after his teen years he gradually drew more lines and eventually developed his drawings into paintings with complicated and delicate lines. These images, elaborately composed, are all fruit of long contemplation – each A4 ball pen-painted page would take him more than one month. Kit, like many other young men, was once at a loss towards his personal future development. Perhaps we can say he is lucky enough to finally find a profession in a sector where he can further develop his talent.
Kevin Lam is an IT graduate. He only got into contact with photography when he was about to complete his university degree. He attended several more relevant courses after taking a first photography ‘hobby’ course in the campus, during which he got to know the different types of photography. Starting with a digital camera, he then switched to film and pinhole cameras. After some time he discovered that he really likes touching the film. He took photos with a Lomo-Hogla 120 using film, developed it by way of “e2c” (employ negative film development method to develop positive film) and scanned it afterwards. It turned out that the color is very rich, different from the bluish effects resulting from the traditional development method. Moreover, due to the scanning, images which can’t be produced by conventional development emerge, as a result of the high contrast enabled by computer. The combination of computer technology and film is a perfect combination in this era.

For Kevin, and many other photography beginners like him, capturing subjects seems to be the most difficult thing. To overcome this, Kevin usually take photos at free will. In addition, as using film camera won’t allow the photo effects to be seen instantly, he prefers to give himself much more freedom to take pictures wherever possible, thus composing photos with a bolder approach than in digital photographing. This has givend his film works a bit of experimental flavor. Probably that is what Kevin is.

Participated Artist:
Kit Pond、 Kevin Lam
Cora Si
Old Ladies’ House Art Space

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