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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Mini-Family Theatre_Ox WareHouse's Storage

Hand in hand, Let's enter this mini theatre that human interacts with puppets. On my count, 1-2-3, GO!Behind ever family story is a understanding storage room. Date:08/09/2007 14:30,16:30,19:3009/09/2007 11:00,14:30,16:30 Location: 2nd Floor Tickets:Oxwarehouse、Pinto Livros (28 330909) Ticket Price:Mop$15.00 Mop$5.00)($5 each for children ages 12 or below)Language:Cantonese
Story Outline:
A neat and tidy storage room is a big present gift for Mom's birthday.Daddy and daughter strives hard to open up the door to clean up the storage room.With too many junk, and too little space, Daddy throws it, daughter keeps it, daughter throws it, Daddy recycles it;Piles and piles of junk, actually hides many family tales and stories….Choreographer:Lou Chong Neng Creation and Performers:Lam Wan Wa、To Kuok Hong、Vong Yuen Teng、Chan On Kei及製作Stage design and production:Kuok Chi Keng、Vong Ngoi Kuok。Children ages between 4-10 and parents are welcome to the show!


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