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Thursday, June 18, 2009

I Am Not There 3:Group Creative Exhibition

I Am Not There 3:Group Creative Exhibition
Opening :
3:00pm, 3 May 2009
Exhibition Period :
3 May to 31 May 2009
This is the third edition of the collective ‘I Am Not There’ held in Ox Warehouse. The first was a bit on the abstract; the second with a more natural approach. This time, we originally planned to do something fancy, and decided to invite artists of different fields such as musical bands and drama groups to join, but the plan was aborted due to practical reasons. In the end we were forced to focus on visual effects.
The first two editions of ‘I Am Not There’ enticed a hot debate toward its meaning, for many would think the title itself was related to Zen and Buddhist concepts. For the latest edition we will not be dwelling on theoretical definitions but will rather focus on the practical and creative sides.
First we let participating artists relate to the first two editions. Then all those involved start planning ‘I Am Not There III’ together, trying to rediscover Ox Warehouse new taking on Warehouse’s surroundings.
To fill the mission, we hiked in group to Mong Ha Hill, just behind Ox Warehouse, from which we could discover the city’s diversity. From the top and from down the hill we see two very different worlds: the hilltop is a deserted place, whereas downhill is a vibrant world – though not very crowded – where folks carry on with their lives. Both represent unique urban landscapes.
Therefore, this time’s ‘I Am Not There’ draws inspiration from the association with urban surroundings, from the utter contrast between its uphill and downhill facets. We display works made from diverse materials, combining city, road and maze, just to rephrase the title: “If I Am Not There, Am I in a Quest?”
Participating Artists:
Frank Lei,Winter Cheng, Ryan Leong, Jeff Wong, Ivy Leong, Alice Kok, Miguel Ng, Cora Si
Cora Si
Old Ladies’ House Art Space
Ox Warehouse
No Cruzamento entro a Avenida do Coronel Mesquita e a Avenida Almirante Lacerda Macau
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